Settled conditions produce good ringing total

31st July 2013 – overcast/rain later SW1
Another quiet morning over the sea with just small numbers of Manx Shearwater, Gannet, Common Scoter and Sandwich Tern.
Grounded Migrants
Two juvenile Stonechat were logged.
Breeding Birds
While Sedge Warbler productivity appears good Whitethroats do not appear to have fared as well .
Post breeding dispersal combined with the beginning of autumn passage produced an above average monthly total of 178 birds of 18 species with 4 juvenile Stonechat especially pleasing following the crash in the island breeding population after several harsh winters. Individual species totals were as follows: Greenfinch (42), Sedge Warbler (29), House Sparrow (25), Goldfinch (23), Starling (22), Willow Warbler (11), Blackbird (6), Reed Bunting (4), Stonechat (4), Woodpigeon (3), Chaffinch (2), Magpie (1), Reed Warbler (1), Grasshopper Warbler (1), Dunnock (1), Pied Wagtail (1), Whitethroat(1) and Blackcap (1).
The moth trap produced 462 moths of 63 species with no new additions, however, recently caught micros not previously mentioned include Epiblema roborana, Acleris holmiana, Agonopterix nervosa, Catoptria margaritella and Crambus lathoniellus.