More Brambling and Woodcock

8th December 2010 – bright and frosty/calm
Grounded Migrants
A flock of 50 Brambling and 3 Woodcock were the best of the newly arrived grounded birds which also included small numbers of Fieldfare, Redwing, Song Thrush and Blackbird.
Diurnal Migration
A small skein of 10 Pink-footed Geese were overhead and additional evidence of movement was provided by 10 Skylark and a Rock Pipit.
Single Merlin and Little Egret were the best of the rest.
A short ringing session saw several Brambling trapped to continue the good run for this species this autumn, the first adult male of the autumn allowed excellent comparison of plumage subtleties in ageing this species.

Brambling (first-winter male) - the three unmoulted brownish outer greater coverts and the primary coverts lack the glossy black appearance of the moulted inner greater coverts, also note the whitish not rusty brown tips to the unmoulted greater coverts and the pointed tail shape and the washed out appearance of the tail feathers.

Brambling (adult male) - the whole wing shows the uniform glossy black appearance with no contrast between the outer webs of the greater coverts and primary coverts while the tail feathers are more rounded in appearance with a more glossy look to the colouration.