Greenfinch invasion

28th October 2011 – overcast SW1/2/3
Grounded Migrants
Evidence of newly grounded birds involved 10 Blackbird, 6 Song Thrush, 6 Dunnock and a Goldcrest.
Diurnal Migration
Finches were again prominent through the morning with 150 Greenfinch, 20 Tree Sparrow, 15 Chaffinch and 3 Lesser Redpoll logged along with 280 Starling, 170 Jackdaw, 50 Skylark, 30 Meadow Pipit, 4 alba Wagtail and single Redwing, Fieldfare and Rock Pipit.
Three Short-eared Owls hunted the island along with a Barn Owl and Merlin.
Yet another excellent day in what has been a record breaking autumn saw a total of 102 birds ringed, individual species totals involved: Greenfinch (64), Goldfinch (13), Chaffinch (6), Tree Sparrow (4), Dunnock (3), Lesser Redpoll (3), Blackbird (2), Song Thrush (2), House Sparrow (2), Blue Tit (2) and Meadow Pipit (1).