Roof-top census work!

31st May 2012 – rain WNW1/2
An above average total of 144 birds of 16 species were trapped in May comprising Willow Warbler (61), Blackcap (20), Goldfinch (14), Chiffchaff (9), Linnet (8), Dunnock (8), Greenfinch (4), Whitethroat (3), Redstart (3), Lesser Redpoll (3), Spotted Flycatcher (3), Sedge Warbler (3), Chaffinch (2), Swallow (1), Robin (1), Collared Dove(1) .
A census of the roof-top nesting gulls on the centre of the island found 65 pairs of Herring Gull and 31 pairs of Lesser Black-backed Gull – an increase from the last survey in 2010. Further work along the Barrow side of Walney Channel also showed a slight increase in Lesser Black-backed Gull but a decline in Herring Gull from 2010 with 1160 pairs of Lesser Black-backed Gull, 255 pairs of Herring Gull and 3 pairs of Great Black-backed Gull located.
The moth catch included White Ermine, Heart and Dart, Silver-ground Carpet, Large Yellow Underwing, Small Square-spot and Spectacle. Just taken delivery of the new micro-moth fieldguide so a few additions to the island list could be expected in the coming months!