Treecreeper added to year list

9th July 2022 – sunny spells NW3/4/5
Morning observations over the sea (0630-0730) in more unfavourable winds produced just 110 Sandwich Tern, 45 Common Scoter, 16 Gannet, 8 Guillemot, 8 Manx Shearwater, 5 Little Tern and 3 Razorbill.
A tour of the north end of the island produced a total of 65 species which was highlighted by the first Treecreeper of the year.
Breeding Birds
Intriguingly, following the presence of a Goldcrest holding territory earlier in the year, a juvenile was seen amongst a roving tit flock.
Butterflies and Moths
The first Gatekeeper are now on the wing and Grayling numbers begin to increase while moths included the first Narrow-bordered five-spot Burnets of the year.
The first Brown Hawker are on the wing.