Further hints of autumn

22nd June 2011 – overcast W3
A quick check over the sea produced 40 Gannet and 23 Common Scoter.
Grounded Migrants
A south bound Cuckoo provided a further hint that autumn is approaching.
Wildfowl and Waders
The first 2 Greenshank have now returned and Grey Plover, Dunlin and Turnstone remain in evidence.
Breeding Birds
The increasing problems associated with ground predators and ground nesting birds on the island is adequately illustrated by the loss of most of the nests in the small, recently established, Black-headed Gull colony almost overnight. On a more positive note Linnet seem to have done well with flocks of juveniles now in evidence.
The brightly coloured Acleris bergmanniana and The Shark were new additions for the year.
Cuckoo and Shark.