Puffin brace

8th June 2011 – sunshine and showers SSW2/3
Morning observations (0830-0930) produced 2 Puffin along with 65 Common Scoter, 40 Gannet, 23 Manx Shearwater, 13 Kittiwake, 7 Sandwich Tern and 5 Guillemot.
Grounded Migrants
A Cuckoo was logged.
Breeding Birds
The annual gull census revealed that the colony at the south end of the island remains in steady decline. Population estimates involve 8130 pairs of Lesser Black-backed Gull and 2100 pairs of Herring Gull, a decrease of 55.8% and 78.1% respectively since 2000.
White Satin and Common Wave were new for the year.