Black Brant and Scaup look set to see in New Year

30th December 2018 – overcast WSW2
The adult Black Brant was again in Walney Channel off Long Rein Point at low tide amongst 93 pale-bellied and 2 dark-bellied Brent Geese.
Grounded Migrants
A solitary Fieldfare hinted at movement.
Wildfowl and Waders
The 3 Scaup and 4 Greenshank remain.
A Merlin was the best of the rest.
The usual quiet end to the year saw just 30 birds of eight species handled during the month. Individual species totals were as follows (retraps in brackets): Goldfinch 8 (10), Woodpigeon 1, Starling 1, House Sparrow 1 (4), Brambling 1, Greenfinch (2), Blue Tit (1), Great Tit (1). 1830/35, 231/17, 12/6.