Golden Oriole provides a welcome distraction

8th May 2011 – early rain then thunderstorms SE1/2
A male Golden Oriole appeared in the observatory garden late afternoon.
A check over the sea over early morning provided just 5 Arctic Tern, 2 Gannet and a Guillemot.
Grounded Migrants
Excepting the Golden Oriole it was very quiet with just 10 Wheatear and 2 Willow Warbler suggesting evidence of newly arrived birds.
Diurnal Migration
Small numbers of Swallow and Sand Martin continue to trickle through.
At least 3 Hare and 50 Grey Seal were logged.
Moths and Butterflies
Nutmeg and Small square Spot were new attractions to the moth trap while Small Copper, Common Blue and Wall Brown butterflies are now on the wing.