Cormorant Control

7th June 2013 – bright and sunny SE1
Morning observations provided little other than small numbers of Gannet, Sandwich Tern and Arctic Tern.
Grounded Migrants
A singing Reed Warbler was only recently arrived.
Wildfowl and Waders
Waders included 800 Knot, 8 Grey Plover and 4 Sanderling along with a post-breeding flock of 30 Lapwing.
A colour ringed Cormorant located on the western shore of the island on 31st May 2013 had been ringed as a nestling on 4th June 2012 at Stack Mooar, Maughold, Isle of Man. This is the fifth bird from this colony to appear on the shoreline around Walney Island.
The best catch of the year to date provided 160 moths of 32 species. Immigrants continue to be led by a few Diamond-back Moth while Brown Silver-line continues to be the most abundant species and newly emerged residents include Mottled Rustic, Pebble Prominent, Dog’s Tooth, Silver-ground Carpet, Common Carpet, Least Black Arches and Common Plume.